HITACHI Information Forum

FORTINET's Security Day

FORTINET's Security Day took place near Bern in the Blue Cinema Cinedome. The participants enjoyed the first-class keynotes and exciting breakout sessions in the movie theaters. We were able to provide full support with our conception and organization as well as location branding and catering.

TIMETOACT Group Schweiz

We produced exciting content for a web series and an event teaser for the TIMETOACT Group Switzerland at Trafo Baden. Interviews, presentations and captivating moderation made the content creation a complete success.

Kyndryl Reward Machine

In order to be remembered after the event, the handing out of give-aways is a popular means. To make the handover a special experience, we created the Kyndryl Reward Machine for Kyndryl Germany - a vending machine that holds t-shirts and socks, in various sizes, ready for prospective customers after they entered a code. In addition, we have not only built the Reward Machine physically but also digitally, so that it can be accessed regardless of time and place. Giving us the ability to use the physical machine at live events and the digital one during online and hybrid events.