The world keeps turning while Covid shuts it down. But digitalization happened before, and as an agency for digital events, we are well-prepared to connect the virtual world with the real world. The future does not lie in live events that are limited in time and place, it lies in the combination of online and offline events. Hybrid events allow participants and attendees to come together without having to deal with long travel times, train and plane delays, or the risk of contagion.

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The Advantages of Your Hybrid Event

People can follow your event on site and enjoy the experience. At the same time, they will carry this feeling further into the virtual space to those who are present behind the screens. Hybrid events are not only relevant during the pandemic; they combine the best of both worlds. Digital events increase your reach. Combined with real-world events or conferences, you will be able to reach more participants and attendees than ever before. Both formats complement each other without stealing the show from the other.

  • Virtual + real = viral
  • Reach the entire target group
  • Participation from anywhere and on site
  • Dynamic and flexible
  • Modern marketing
  • Networking without limitations

Hybrid Events – as Flexible as Your Event

There is no restriction to specific events for hybrid events. The best thing about combining an online and offline event is that the possible areas of application are as flexible and varied as the different types of events. Whether you are planning a conference, a product presentation, a training or a corporate event, it doesn't matter. With hybrid events, it's not a matter of what you have in mind, but solely of achieving the right implementation. We are at your side to ensure that the participants are enthusiastic about the event.

This Is How a Hybrid Event Works

We support you in the implementation of your hybrid event and will not leave you alone! As with any other event, planning requires enough lead time. During the conception phase, we will work with you to develop a strategy for your event.

A hybrid event has certain requirements in terms of premises and content. The ambience on site and the design of the online stage must be coherent. Once the initial concept is in place, we delve deeper into the details. To encourage interaction and exchange, we develop question rounds, polls or even use gamification so that everyone stays attentive and involved during the event. 3D presentations are just as possible as the staging of a show. On the big day of the hybrid event, we take care of all the elements needed to record your presentation. This includes, for example, picture, sound and direction as well as the livestream for online viewers.

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How to Stay on Top of Things

To ensure nothing can go wrong with invitations and participant management, it's helpful to rely on a registration system. Participants and attendees can register digitally, which allows you to keep track of everything. For example, a website or our PAXIDO event platform, which we developed specifically for this purpose, are suitable options.

The Challenge of a Hybrid Event

When merging an offline and an online world, you must not neglect either of the two worlds. For the hybrid event to be successful, you need good storytelling that engages participants in front of and behind the screens. If you focus too much on the live audience, you will lose the interest of online visitors. On the other hand, if you focus too much on people watching through a platform, you may forget about the demands of the live audience. But don't worry! This problem is very easy to fix.

How to Make Your Hybrid Event a Success

Think of the event as a cohesive organism made up of two organs with different needs. Show interest in both groups and bring people together without requiring them to be in the same room. This way, the two groups will complement each other to form a functioning body, rather than their separate characteristics holding each other back.

How to Bring Two Worlds Together

Successful communication takes place when an exchange is possible. You can foster this with interactions, ensuring a live experience for all participants, wherever they are. For example, you can greet people on site with small snacks and those behind the screens with a video. During the conference, presentation or trade show, you can pick up participants with surveys that they can access simultaneously via apps. A closing quiz can add fun and momentum to the event. Maybe there's even something to win? There are hardly any limits to creativity. Contact us for your successful event management!







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